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tv   7 News at 5 PM Sunday  ABC  January 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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still has traffic backed up. denver7's liz geraldi is on scene now, what can you tell us? >>reporter: and police say a driver sleeping on colorado boulevard caused this accident, take a look and you can see, just how bad it was. this car over here, damaged beyond recognition, two people had to be cut out of it. and then, this car on its side, two people are dead. six injured. and we know that children were in the car that flipped. it started around 2:00 this afternoon when the fire department responded to a call that a man was sleeping in his car, a black chevy suburban, over on colorado, and yale. when firefighters approached the driver, he took off, and didn't make it too far, before causing this accident. up the street. in all, 4 cars were involved, again, one flipped, and another damaged beyond recognition. you can't even tell what kind of car it was. at least four people have
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the fire department says it is are very responsive when they stop to help. we talked with the witness who says that the car that caused the accident was going pretty fast. >> we pulled up here, and were parked, just hanging out. waiting for the light to change. and that black suburban came in at like, 80 miles per hour or faster, you could hear it coming, it slammed into that car and then slammed into these other car, flipping this upside down, yeah, chaos. >>reporter: and denver police have taken over this investigation. they say right now, there are a lot of unanswered questions, like why that driver took off. and they're also looking to see if anything else could be a factor. reporting live, liz geraldi, denver7. new information from yesterddy's fire at a drug abuse clinic in arvada, they are reporting a man who worked at the clinic is missing. denver7's kyle horan following these develops and they're still not certain that this man is in
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>>reporter: that's right, firefighters are in there investigating right now, but it's difficult to tell if anyone was in the blaze, because a large portion of the interior collapsed. they are using alternative techniques to search the building. as investigators do that ir best to sift through the rubble, now, they have their minds on a potential missing person. >> so i can confirm, based on reports of given to me, that there is one person that haa been unaccounned for. we cannot you know, definitively say the whereabouts of that person at this time. >>reporter: he is john ruter, according to the creative treatment options facebook page. they say he is the only employee unaccounted for. and if he is inside still, finding him could be difficult. >> so at this time, we're doing what we can and having a search dog, and in order to take a look around inside. since we can't send anyone right now, we're weighing the, you know, the risk versus the benefit here. and so that recovery effort is
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anyone in the building and so we are using the dog at this time to do some searching. >>reporter: fwut investigation is just -- but the investigation is just starting. >> this structure is not stable. the roof collapseded. it is not a stable structure that we can put somebody inside safely without putting them in incredible danger. >>reporter: investigators told me yesterday, they're going to be using a crane to sift through the rubble, the building dates back to the 1970s and therefore, didn't have any sprinkleers. this photo is restoring our faith in humanity tonight, the arvada fire protection today tweeted an oxygen mask on a puppy there, west 6th and saulsbury street. well done. a developing story in englewood, police are investigating smash-and-grab break-ins at 9 different businesses. they happened this morning along
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number of mash and grabs in and around denver to 20 in a month. lindsay watts was the first reporter on the scene. >> this is all it took to break our nice big door. >>reporter: just one of the shops hit by burglars armed are rocks. >> pretty harmless. in appearance. >>reporter: but big damage for businessess along south broadway this sunday morning. at least 9 break-ins between yale and floyd avenues. the thieves didn't get much. >> you can buy two suckers for 50 cents and thenst that's just grabbed out. >>reporter: at billy's gourmet hot dogs, another hock. >> it's frustrating because it interrupts your business and another lollipop box raided. >>reporter: they didn't find cash. >> we leave this open here, like this, should someone look in the window to see. the other drawer was closed, there was no money in that. >>reporter: some of these small business owner es and managers
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choice, but to board up their doors, clean up the mess, and get back to work. pizzas. you know. >>reporter: he is general manager here, but says he hopes to buy the restaarant one day. >> i'm trying to build this store up. >>reporter: a set bacc this morning, and unfortunately, he has plenty of company. >> you pick up the pieces and move forward, you try to keep going, as best you can, and fix the door. >>reporter: lindsay watts. >> hopefully forget about it next week. >> they're reviewing surveillance video, they're investigating whether the break-ins today are linked to the others. the search is on for an armed robber who trashthed a denver - targeted a denver walgreen's last night. east mississippi avenue, he's described as a hispanic man about 140-150 pounds, and about 5.10, if you have any information, call the police. in longmont, one man is seriously hurt after two robbers broke into a home and attacked him with a fire poker.
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on ak wood street, it didn't end there. the robber stoek stole two cars -- stole two cars, cash and pot. one of the vehicles was fouud abandoned, the investigators are looking for a red 2001 jeep cherokee with a colorado license plate, police think a third person may be involve sgld colorado springs police are looking for the second shooter who opened firr at the citadel mall. %- it happened near the hooters restaurant last night, a man and woman were both shot, but are expected tt survive. one person has been arrested. they're now looking for someone trooifing a newer -- driving a newer model 4 door sedan with dark tinted windows. denver police are looking for an armed robbery suspect. the man armed with a gun carjacked a driver near 5th and bryant last night. that car is a 2011 gray dodge charger with colorado license plate 697 xmk. if you think you know something, call theepolice. new details today on an al jazeera investigation.
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investigation says there's a second source supporting claims against manning and his wife. deborah told cnn this morning the source told the outlet peyton's wife received multiple hgh. %- they didn't reveal the second soorce in the documentary. last weekend r an angry peyton manning denies the allegations, calling them garbage. across colorado, a mild day for the first sunday in the new year, 31 right now in denver, but we were well into the 40s. cold spots are still northwest corner, 6 degrees at craig. 1 down in the gunnison valley, they've been cold all weekend, 20 below in gunnison this morning. skies are partly cloudy, the gradual increase in the clouds farther to the west. rain moving into california. we're going to stay dry and quiet tonight, a mild start back to work, but there will be snow coming back into colorado later this week. all right. mike, thanks. the cold temps are good news for ruby hill, crews began blasting out the snow for the ruby hill
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winter park hopes to open the intown terrain park this week, air tracker 7 was overhead as crews began to make the snow last week. and when it opened in 2207, it was the country's first free urban terrain park. it was aaother busy day out at dia, today, despite the crowds we saw, lines are moving at a steady rate, 175,000 travel everys to pass through the airport -- travelers to pass through the airport today. last week, a lot of people missed their flights because of backups at tsa. you know that tarmac rule that was put in place a few years ago to keep you from sitting on the ground for hours on end? a new study says that rule is actually making things worse. apparently, airlines are now cancelling flights to avoid penalties for those long delays. under the rule, airlines will be fined if passengers are oo the tarmac for more than three hours. from the skies to the roads, you can try out r.t.d. flat iron flier, along u.s. 36.
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make it easier for passengers to get on and off. there will also be express options with fewer stops. tomorrow, they will offer free rides on the flier. and reminder, if you're planning a last minute trip to the mountains tonight, traffic mite be moving pretty slowly. you can see it was bumper to bumper on i-70 at georgetown earlier this afternoon. and a live look at that ssme area, right now, it's looking just fine out there. well, if you didn't even come close to winning last night's powerball drawing, don't worry. no one else took the big jackpot home, either, up 334 million dollars, the 12th largest in powerball history. now, it's climbed to 400 million dolllrs. the next drawing will be held on wednesday. we have plenty more coming up on denver7 at 5:00. the new video shows a potential arsonist after two vehicles catch fire. now, we're hearing from one of the owner, what he tells us, next. and armed protesters take over an oregon wildlife refuge, the message they're spreading tonight.
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to allow full strength beer and wine in colorado grocery stores is heating back up. >> 42 degrees right now in downtown denver, across the country, a pretty mild pattern
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we hav e surveillance video showing a man police believe to be an arsonist. they say he set a truck on fire new year's day in arapahoe county, this is outside of an international market. kyle horan spoke to the enoer who tell -- owner who tells us this is a hate crime. >> i am a muslim. >>reporter: he is worried about what 2016 holds. may be for good reason, on the first day, a man set on fire the truck they use to stock the shelves. here's the suuveillance footage, you can see a man wearing a stocking cam and glasses walk in front of the store and around
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in front, there's a pause, and then smoke starts to build as the man walks off. here's what the truck likes now. >> he set the truck on ire and walked away. i've never seen him in my life, this is the first time i've seen him. >>reporter: he's being targeted for his race, for his religion, he says. >> i believe it is a hate crime. and i believe somebody intentionally set it, intentionally did this. >>reporter: he thinks it's not over yet. >> that's three incidents, the trash can, then set on fire, and then the front door was broken, and now the truck being set on fire. >>reporter: now, he just wants to live in peace. >> the owner says the total damage to the truck is about $50,000. he also says he's worried that the crimes may escalate. it's been really, really cold in the mornings lately, and many of us want to warm up our cars, but denver police have a video warning for you. this is video from west 44th avenue, the day after christmas.
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to the jeep there and driving off with it, it happens in a matter of a seconds, the owner was inside delivering a pizza, if you know anything about this, call the police. tomorrow, at least 600 employyes will return to work in san bernardino where two shooters shot and killed 14 people. 21 people were also injured during that holiday party last month. this will be the first time the building has beee open since the tragedy. security will also be tighter than usual tomorrow. have taken over a building in a federal wildlife refuge in org o they're accusing officials of unfair ly punishing the ranchers who refuse to sell their land. they held a rally in support of hammond. they were charged with arson after a controlled burn got out of hand. the prosecutors say they did it to cover up poaching. they don't intend to get violent: we have no intention on using force or being aggressive, or going on the
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but just as all people have the right to defend themselves, that's what that means. . >> the center for western priorities office in denver released a statement, urging the political leaders to denounce the takeeover. president barack obama is revealing his plans for revealing tighter gun control. it's a last pitch to the public, congress has been an absto cal despite public support for universal background checks or stronger mept health is support. india's northeast region was hit a 6.7 magnitude earthquake, there are no reports of injuries or death. we'll bring you more details. one issue promising to be a hotly debated issue in colorado this year, is the grocery store liquor initiative.
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strength beer, wine and liquor in grocery stores. it says expanding liqueur sales -`will put mom and pop stores out of business and strip colorado out of choices because grocery chains will only sell what sells best. >> i love craft beer, i think distribution will be better with the independent liqueur stores. it makes it convenient, shopping for food, you can get liquor. >> keep colorado local says it could give under age drinkers easier access to booze. it could save colorado families an average of $250 a year. and something else you might see on colorado ballot, a change to the taxpayers bill of rights, tabor, a group is looking at a measure that would be excess revenue towards predesignated priorities instead of giving you the refundd the group is making it harder to change the state constitution. they may propose a measure
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before amentd amendments are a -- amennments are approved a very nice day for the first sunday of 2016, the view of the sunset along the front range, and let's hope it's a harbinger of things to come. coming up later on this week, right now, in denver, looking out, over mile-high, and the distance, 31 at dia, the high today was 46 degrees, 15 is where we started this morning. humidity at 61% overnight, tonight, the temperatures will drop down to the upper teens, and the normal low is right around be tl at 17 degrees, the high clouds expected. for torjs mostly sunny, light winds, a day much like today, right at or a little bit above the normal high of 43. we'll call it 45 degrees. now, around the country, nothing really super cold, anywhere, where we should be at the time of the year. have some 40s in the northeast,
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50s and 60s down to the southwest of us. there is moisture moving into the southwestern section of the country, this is what will impact us. thursday and friday a chance of snow in the denver area. some snow continuing over the great lakes in the northeast, rain showers in florida, nothing big going on for tonight. the high clouds, low temperatures will still be cold in some of the chilly pockets up in the mountains. with a few readings well below 0. for the most part, we will be looking at teens in the metro area, single digits up across the northeast plains, statewide, once again, some chilly pockets, minus 7 at alamosa. 11 below 0 at craig. teens. tomorrow, a gradual increase in clouds over the westerr section of coloradd, not much, maybe a couple of flurries over the ar western mountains, a hin of that coming in late in the day. generally, a pretty good day. temperatures 40s for the lower
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-`platte valley n the mountains, a couple of spots that are cold, gunnison, and craig. looking ahead this week, begin to get snow monday night into tuesday, west of the continental divvde, but nothing on the eastern plain, going to stay dry across most of the centraa united states, this is not a major storm, but it will bring some snow to the mountains, perhaps a few inches a day, tuesday into wednesday and thursday, friday, light snow and some colder weather as hese two systems sort of combinn over colorado for late this week. tonight, mostly clear, cold, but not unusually so. 18 for a low. tomorrow, pretty nice day, mostly sunny, up to 45 degrees. and looking ahead, more of that nice stuff for tuesday. while the mountains begin to pick up a little bit of snow tuesday into wednesday, we'll stay down here in the 40s, flurries develop on thursday, and i'm thinking maybe 1-3 inches offknow for the denver area on -- snow for the denver area on friday. it bond a big deal, but it will brighton things up. because the snow is getting a little old and not so good
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>> a little gray. it was so nice today. i barely needed the jacket walking into work. >> thht's the beauty of colorado, sunshine on a day in the 40s feels great. >> wisconsin is gloomy and cold. as we know. >> for many year, i know. well, are you looking to stop renting and own a home? you might want to look for a good starter home at a reasonable price. next. and how a denver7 viewer is honoring this marine veteran who
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the affordable starter home in colorado is a growing tend, as demand grows for entry level homes, but until now, builders have focused on move up or luxury homes, jaclyn allen shows us how it is turning around. >>reporter: building a new house, seems out of reach for many first-time home buyers here. >> my wife suggested, hey, why don't we build a brand new house. >>reporter: brandon says they wanted to stop paying rent, but heard about bidding wars, driving up the price of existing homes. >> my wife -- we don't have to compete with other buyers.
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what's being called the return of the affordable start home. >> a laminate counter top. >>reporter: he gives us a tour of the -- targeting entry level home buyers, willing to sacrifice a few finishes or larger lot for a dream price. starting in the low 300s. >> have you had a lot of interest? >> we've had pretty significant interest here in castle rock, we opened these models about a year ago and had a waiting list for the lots as we released those. >>reporter: this collection will also be offered in arvada in the future. >> has 9 foot ceilingss >>reporter: they closed on the home two months ago and have been installing their own tile and upgrades. >> sweat equity stuff, stuff that ki do myself. >>reporter: planning for a future in a home, they can afford and grow into. >> definitely, bought the house to start a family of our own. >> that was jaclyn allen reporting. the houses are a little smaller, 2,000 to 2300 square feet, also 30% cheaper than the average
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they are looking for other places to build these homes because demand is so high. and an influx of kids will find refuge in colorado, late they are year, the federal government will help 1,000 unaccompanied migrant children come to our state. they're trying to escape violence and child trafficking in central l and south america, the children will move into a retrofitted warehouse on the federal grounds in lakewood. they'll stay there for about a month before they're reunited with family here in the u.s.. local leaders are a bit concerned about the lackkof notice. ruddy gonzalez with services for the people say it's time to take care of children in need. >> we're here to help them and creating a more amenable environment for these youth, and not creating a warehouse situation for thhm. >> the children could move here as soon as april. earlier this week, we introduced you to john keith
5:23 pm
veteran who still carries zap shrapnel this his body after iwo jima. it's called first flag, and will show about john at theetop of the mountain, helping his fellow marines plant the first small american flag there. he was not able to be on the mountain because he was injured on the way. >> and i just thought, just last night, in the middle of the night, i woke up and i thought, you know, i need to do a painting of keith on the top of the mountain. because he was there in spirit. >> he is a former marine himself and even spent some time in vietnam. when we return here on denver7 news at 5:00, after being featured in a recruitment video with ties to al-qaeda, donald trump is responding
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breaking news in douglas county, air tracker 7 is over a fire, we're wwrking to get more details on what exactly led up to all of this, and where exactly this is. we'll update you with information as soon as we have it. candidates for president are entering the final stretch to the iowa caucuses a month away,
5:25 pm
a terrorism recruiting video has surfaced with donald trump. >>reporter: in new hampshire today, hillary clinton standing up to a heckler. %- >> i'm not going to ever call on you. >>reporter: as she comes under attack by donald trump. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. >>reporter: the billionaire spent the weekend firing shots at hillary clinton. >> i have more respect for women by far, than hillary clinton has. >>reporter: but trump also facing questions about this video by the terror group al-shabaab. the al-qaeda affiliate using a clip of donald trump in the recruitment messages. >> donald j. trump is calling for a complete shut down of muslims entering the u.s.. >>reporter: truup made clear, he's not changing his message about muslims in america. >> does it concern you at all that you're being used in a
5:26 pm
>> what am i going to do, i have to say what i have to say. >> he has become isis's best recruiter. >>reporter: aiding terror groups like isis but providing no evidence. >> hillary clinton has to be tempted to say told you so when this video emerges, but she has to be careful, because she did overstate the facts on the debate stage a few weeks ago. >>reporter: clinton's democratic rival, bernie sanders, did not address the video, but he did say trump needs to be called out. >> trump really is over the edge. time after time, this guy just comes up with things off the top of his head that are lies and somebody has got to say that he is a pathological liar. >>reporter: new fire in the abc news, washington. good news in southeast missouri tonight, the mississippi river is dropping. the river crested at nearly 50 feet friday night, that's a little above the 1993 record. you can see there's plenty of water where it shoulln't be.
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river is expected to stay above floot flood state for several days. bill cosby's wife must give a deposition in a defamation suit against him this week. a massachusetts court rejected a motion by mrs. cosby to cancel the order. the case involves 7 women of accusing cosby of drugging them and sexual assaulting them. an alleged incident from 2004. we're following international news for you, more outrage today in the middle east after saudi arabia executed 47 people, accused of being terrorists, one of the people killed was a shiite cleric. crowds in taran protested the embassy. 40 people were arrested. french forces began the new year with an air raid against isis, it rth toed an industrial -- targeted an industrial site in syria. this is just one of the raids intended to weaken isis near key combat zones. the force is strong in the
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awakens", brought in 88 million dollars this weekend, topping the box office for a third week. it jumped past jurassic world and titanic to become the second highest grossing film of all time.
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would you risk your life to save an animal. for steven peterson, it wasn't even a question. he was driving to his home in minnesota, when he saw something bobbing in the icy river. he stopped and saw it was a peterson thought about calling
5:30 pm
have -- knew the deer didn't have long, so he jumped in to save it. >> all over its face, and it looks like it had been there for a while. >> peterson used a log toopush himself out to the deer, then used a trailer strap to bring the animal to shore. his good deed wasn't done there, he waited with he deer for another hour to make sure she was okay. well with, are you looking for ways to get rid of your christmas tree? people in iowa decided to give it to the goat s. workers at the rental service goats on the go say their goats will eat trees for free, while you watch. they only ask the customers to donate to help haitian children. >> it's a cool idea. >> it is. i wonder how long you enjoy watching? >> how long does it take a goat to eat a tree? >> i don't know, sit there for an hour or two, or five minutes would be -- let's go, kids, get in the car. a picture.
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welcome back. we had a lovely sunset tonight along the front range, with high, thin, cirrus clouds drifting in from the west, the view from the viaero wireless camera near fort morgan. really pretty, in the mountains, this is the view at coppee looking down towards i-70, we could use a little fresh snow in the high country, it's been good, but i have good news for skiers and borders later this week. dfshgs now, it's a quiet night, the roads are dry and partly
5:32 pm
and t numrsoday 46nd5. it' goo to be norl her at dver7 a as ose as possle. e rerd i65,n 18 and7 belo bac i 1974. currently, we're 40 degrees downtown, # 1 down at -- 31 down at dia. winds rom the north-northeast at 9 and the barometer, 30.23 on the rise. pretty quiet across the country. a little rain down in the southeast, snow from the great lakes on into new england. and there's a new storm pushing on the west coast, it's not a major storm, but it will begin to impact the mountains by tuesday morning and here in the denver area by thursday into friday. tonight rs just a little bit of high cloud cover around and a gentle, quiet night, there will be pockets of cold air that will %- be below 0 in frazier, also, some single digit numbers, greeley and fort morgan, generally teens with llght winds along the front range and warmer at boulder with 23 degrees. and then tomorrow, much like today, a little bit of high
5:33 pm
skies -- brushed across the skies, light winds and temperatures, low to mid 40s at lower elevations, 38 up at fort morgan. and mostly holding in the 30s up in the mountains, grand lake might be colder than that, with temperatures in the mid 20s or closer to 30. statewide, cold pockets, still continuing, that cold air still remains trapped in the gunnison valley, an invention there, you can't get the sun to break that down, so it stays cold at night and pretty chilly during the day. 22 below there tonight. minus 7 in alamosa. 11 below 0 at craig. tomorrow, beginning to see a bit of the moisture coming into the west, we'll have no precipitation across the state until some rain and snow showers develop late in the day, way out near the utah border, 40s expected on the plains, 30s mostly in the mountains, and craig. the jet stream flow, this week, little bit. it has been quiet lately with the winds aloft, but now,
5:34 pm
stronger system coming in from the west, rainy weather in california. mild for a while, colder with light snow to the north and east, and this system brings a change in weather in thth week. 18 tonight, mostly clear, tomorrow, 45. mostly sunny, and here it on the 7-day planner, the bright spot is tomorrow, looks like great day. tuesday, about the same with mid to upper 40s, things start to change wednenehu this might be a storm that couldproduce 1-3 inches of snow on friday with colder temperatures. >> what do you think the motaet? >od news, not a huge torm, but a nice freshenng iers. >> everybobow days to get car wwshed before the next one moves in. >> indeed, lionel, the broncos getting everybody on the edge of their seats now. >> yeah, right now, the game still going on, sports authority field, mile-high, the broncos have the world at their feet today and tried to give it away
5:35 pm
be the number one seed and hopefully thh playoff. peyton manning came in.
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you've basically got a movie theater in your living room. for me, it's changed the way i've seen tv. it was a huge upgrade for us.
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welcome to 7 ports extra, everybody, john elway had drawn it up this morning in his office on a napkin,,patriots lose in miami, chargers lose to the broncos, we'reabc for the @ao@^ayoffs. the number one seed, not going anywhere until super bowl 50. but there were five turn overs%by the offensesecuit, in the third quarter, and it happened. it was peyton manning. he came in replaced brockh@o@^closed c osweiler,cl_h@c atit *uarterback, l lclosed the broncos ccuit0 point, time is winding down, the broncos are going to winn 27-20 right now, peyton was 5 for 6 for 69 yards, no touchdown passes, but again, game in, sparked the team, led them, the broncos are going to win, 27-20, barring`h@c acaabc ri and the -- ao@^ tro fi. we'll bring you highlights asen soo as the game is over. right now, let's check on kansas
5:39 pm
row today, alex smith, to _%jeremy, this one touched down red, 7-0 k.^l:ab c. spencer ware,@k a 14-0 lead, the`h@hiefs held on to win, 10@a cir in a row in the playoffs, 23-17 the final. the chiefs finish the regular ed circu. that t ab@k^l: broncos. circuit nightmarmo abce second@ao@^ quarter, tom brady, crunched and scrunched, look at the]% brady got doubled over, he did come over, he said, quote, i'm pretty sore, but i'll be okay. catch of the day, let her fly. devonte parker, up and over. he bobbled it and caught it. over logan ryan. 46 yards, the replay, great concentration by parker to catch thaa`h@c:cuit one.@ao@^ danny hill, to jordan cameron, dolphins win.
5:40 pm
big ben in steel town took careed_o@^abof business in the dog town. big * ben,,%@k^l brown,c have a day, brown, 13 catches, 187 yards, touchdown right there. and then, big ben on the move. like a sloth. nimble and quick. markus for the touchdown. 28-12 steelers, 10-6;cuit:h@ are going to the post-season. 108 in overtime, clay thompson, he scored with 17 seconds left, we do not have that video, but manimal got hurt on play.e replay showed `e took an elbow to the neck. taken off on a stretch, a neck place, in the hospital, but -- brace, in the hospital, i'm a little sore, but i'm the manimal. he's questionable for tonight's game in portland.
5:41 pm
highlights now, tle done. 27-20. peyton manning came in the in theond half, and got it do are we going to t highlights are notow guys? alll, right. here we go. let's check it out. >>ec two. >> there's brock oswsw the second play of the game. demaryius thomas, went down the sideline. wow! there he went. 72 yards for the touchdown. and then, they were about to go up, 14 points, when emanuel sanders, yikes, that's not good. >> third and one. >> 46 yards, and then a fumble, steve williams ripped it. for jordan norwood, he hands, and it,bounced off in the midst of steve williams, pick. the same, broncos threatening, but he doesn't see the blitz coming. three turn overs.
5:42 pm
another pick, 4 turn overs in the first hhlf. still the broncos had the lead, 7-6. badly as second as the second quarter ended. brock handed off to anderson, second game in a row, big fumble. the chargers -- antonio gaits with the touchdown. san diego took the lead. 13-7. it happened. it happened. not all brock's fault, obvioussy lishg but his team needed a spark. in came peyton manning, he's never going to play again. yeah, until today. broncos 2 for 2 on ts drive. c.c. de 80-yard drive, touchdown c. j. 14-13. a disaster struck. aqib talib ran outside. 80 yards later, touchdown. chargers back in the lead, 20-17. tied 20-20 with 5 minutes to go. riiers pass deflected andloh kai, the unlikely hero, he
5:43 pm
peyton is back in business. first play after that, handed it to ronnie hillman. broncos took the lead, 27-20. peyton manning on the led them to 20 second half points. but he led them to 20 half points, the broncos win, the number one seed with the pats losing today. first round bye, next week, the entire playoffs, so this is exactly the way they drew it up, exactly, molly, what we wanted to see befef the regular season even started. john elway said, we want to kick and scream at thended, want to finish strong, the finale of the regular they're the number one seed, we are here in denver, at mile-high, until super bowl 50, just the way they drew it up. but now, guess what. >> what? >> take a guess. >> 17 or 18? >> i don't know what you're asking. >> brock osweiler or peyton manning. that's what we're going to have
5:44 pm
weeks now, we'll see what happens. >> i was going to ask you, who do you think. >> you knew?
5:45 pm
you're looking live at sports authority fieed at mile-high, the interview room, you can see the little backdrop there on the right side of your screen, that's where gary kubiak and peyton manning will come up and speak to the media about this victory later on. we are awaiting gary kubiak's arrival. >> somebody is coming in. >> well, let's see. >> that's a mike check. >> so, gary kubiak is not in there yet. the 27-20 victory today over the chargers, peyton manning comes in the second half and leads. peyton didn't win the game
5:46 pm
69 yards, in touchdowns, but he came in, and provided a spark. been there, done that. >> maybe that calming influence, and it might have been just that subtle that brock didn't make a lot of the mistakes, but maybe peyton cominn in and the whole team feeling like he knows what it's like to be a tough situution like this and it brought everybody down a little bit. >> maybe they're just a little tight. >> the good vibe. >> fumbled, emanuel sanders and two tipped passes, none of this was brock playing awful, hooribly. but they needed something and they got it, when peyton manning came in, and now, like we said. >> right. >> where do we go from here? >> i was getting ready to drive in, it's like, wait a minute, the game barely started, alreadd 7-0 broncos. >> out of the gate. >> we're going to wipe them out today. and then, all of the stakes -`started coming in. >> they like to keep us on the edge of our seats, it wouldn't
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